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Christmas GirlThe greatest gift you can give your children this Christmas is…


A recent study by the University of Pennsylvania concluded that self-discipline and a well developed sense of personal responsibility are the strongest indicators of good school performance and later success in life.

This study clearly validates what martial arts masters have been teaching for more than 2,000 years! If you want to be happy, productive and successful…practice learn and practice discipline!

And it’s never to late to learn!

One of my most requested topics when speaking for business audiences is discipline. The most successful people in life and business are those who never stop learning, growing and developing. There is no limit to one’s personal and professional growth.

The successful people I admire, study and model realize that discipline is a practice that needs constant attention. There is no point where you say, “OK, I’ve got it…” and that’s the end. Discipline is a practice…a never-ending practice.

Human beings are, in fact, creatures of habit. Discipline is an intentional habit- a habit you select. A habit that helps you get where you want to go.

Left without guidance, kids are extremely susceptible to negative habits…for that matter, adults are too! The more attention you give to developing discipline in your children, the better their chances for success and happiness now, and in the future.

I don’t know how you’re going to wrap it…but the most valuable gift you could put under the tree for your kids this year is…


Merry Christmas from everyone at Northern Chi!!!

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The next time your kids don’t want to practice…show them this story!

Personally, I would have made her a Black Belt…she already has more courage than most!


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Watch this video from FOX News and listen carefully to what the law enforcement officer is saying…

Child predators are clever and often subtle. We make it our business to understand their tactics and techniques. We teach your children how to avoid this situation and what to do if they find themselves in it. Here are some of the important tactics your child will learn at the Black Belt Mindset Institute at Northern Chi Martial Arts Center:

  • Do not talk with adult you don’t know without your parents present
  • Do not go anywhere with anyone you don’t know
  • Nobody has the right to put their hands on you…NOBODY
  • If someone strange is trying to get you to do anything, go find help

Once a child is grabbed by an adult attacker, that child is at an extreme disadvantage. We teach awareness and avoidance first. It’s irresponsible to teach that a child can defeat a much larger assailant; on the other hand we teach simple, intuitive fighting responses that can greatly improve a child’s chances of surviving and escaping an assault.

  • We teach them to kick, punch, bite and scratch an attacker
  • We teach them how to yell for help
  • We teach them where to run for help

We don’t teach children that they should “Never talk to strangers.” Why don’t we? Every new friend they will ever have starts out as a stranger. We don’t want to make kids paranoid, we want to make them aware. Instead, we teach them never to talk to strangers without their parents. We teach them that no adult has the right to approach a young person alone.

Nobody wants to thing about a child being abducted or assaulted. However, ignoring the potential does not make the threat go away. It’s our business to think about that possibility and to give your children the information and training that will give them the best chance of survival should the worst ever happen.

Don’t let your children go out into the world alone…until you bring them to us!

Download your FREE “Stranger Do’s and Don’ts” poster here!

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February is National Self-Esteem Month. What better way to kick it off than to celebrate the accomplishments of our youngest martial artists?

Self-esteem cannot be gifted. It’s earned by facing progressively more difficult challenges and by accomplishing personal goals.

At the Black Belt Mindset Institute at Northern Chi these kids learn this lesson early! “Little Dragons” range in age from 4 to 6 years. Quarterly, the Little Dragons show their achievement by performing in a skills showcase for friends and family. Here are some highlights from today’s Winter Showcase:

The Little Dragons demonstrate their punching techniques.

Little Dragons advanced students demonstrate a skit they prepared themselves. Could the next Jackie Chan be in this bunch?

The moment they prepared for. Little Dragons are recognized with their next ranks, awarded by Black Belt Mindset Institute founder Jim Bouchard.

The Little Dragons proudly display their new ranks with Instructor Sarah Grinder, Junior Instructor Josh Flanagan and Instructor Adam Gamache.

Improve your child’s self-esteem, focus and attention span; enroll at the Black Belt Mindset Institute at Northern Chi Martial Arts Center.

Try our Little Dragons or Junior program for a WEEK FREE during National Self-Esteem Month! And – it’s not just for kids! Grown-ups enjoy a FREE MONTH of Kenpo Karate classes through February!

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In an amazing story from Pueblo, Colorado, nine-year old Calysta Cordova escaped an attempted kidnapping. Though beaten severely, she is alive today because she knew what to do in this situation…and did it!

Story from FOX News...

What Calysta did right:

She fought back. I’m the first one to say that a kid has a slim chance of defeating a larger assailant in a physical encounter, but fighting back always increases the odds of survival.

She picked the right time to escape and said all the right things when she made her move. Instead of yelling help, Calysta ran into a convenience store and yelled that the man with her was not her father. That attracted the attention of people who could help her.

She paid attention to what she had been taught. Too often kids are placed in perfunctory self-defense sessions in school or elsewhere and the advice simply goes in one ear and out the other. Calysta retained what she had been taught, particularly by her mother and did all the right things when the time came to act.

It is always my hope that the self-defense training we give kids at the Black Belt Mindset Institute will never be used. It is still important that children know the dangers they may face in today’s world and know how to react. There is nothing you can do for your child that is any more important than enrolling in a good martial arts program; for self-defense and for the values of respect, practice and self-confidence that your child will use in every aspect of life.


Not just for kids!

FREE karate classes for adults now through the end of February at the Black Belt Mindset Institute in Brunswick, Maine! Call 721-0299 for details TODAY!

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A report by the College of William & Mary concludes that since 1990, “children have become less able to produce unique and unusual ideas.” Isn’t that what childhood is supposed to be about?

“As society has advanced, our brains have changed” says Susan Gabbard, Director of Fine Arts at Oklahoma City schools. This change is apparently not for the better. For children to expand imagination, Gabbard says they’ve got to be nourished in an environment that encourages creativity.

Martial arts provides that environment. In a well-rounded martial arts program, children are constantly problem solving, imagining and solving scenarios, and expressing themselves through thought and movement.

Some people see the discipline of the dojo as the antithesis to creativity; nothing could be farther from the truth. Discipline is the foundation for encouraging creative thought and gives children (and adults) the tools necessary for creative expression. Creative thought is a discipline; it’s an ability that must be practiced and encouraged to expand and develop. Discipline, taught properly, not restrictive — it’s liberating.

In our society we’ve devolved to a culture of enabling. With best intentions we try to make the learning experience easier and less painful. We try to shield children from failure and protect them from pressure and stress. We allow them to use electronic gadgets that provide answers rather than teaching reflection and introspection as a way to find solutions.

A quality martial arts program teaches through problem solving. We teach by challenging students and giving them the opportunity to expand their potential. We expose students to the reality that life is not always easy and encourage them to develop the strength, confidence and courage to face challenges and solve problems.

For many reasons, a martial arts program may be the most important investment you can make in your child’s life. Encouraging your child’s creative development is one of the best reasons to enroll your child today!

The creativity deficit in children as reported on FOX News...

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Back to school shopping is in full swing, in fact if you don’t get your local big box right now you might miss out on the best deals before they start filling their shelves with Halloween crap. Am I getting old, or didn’t we used to do back to school shopping the last two weeks before school started? Of course Halloween candy used to show up half-way through October and we didn’t see Christmas sales until after Thanksgiving!

What do your kids need for school? New shoes, pencils & pens, maybe a larger backpack to accommodate the additional books he or she will be carrying in the next grade.

Ever since the first humans started scratching pictures on cave walls and telling stories, we’ve been looking for the latest and greatest innovations to make the learning process more exciting, efficient and enjoyable. However, some things never change and if you want your young students to make the most of school this year there are some essentials they’d better be carrying — and these don’t go in their backpacks.

Don’t even think about sending your kids to school without these important items:

  • Self-confidence
  • Motivation
  • Good learning attitude
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Focus
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