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Kick off International THINK Like a BLACK BELT Month in style with NFL Hall of Fame ref Jim Tunney and champion’s mindset expert Dr. Jack Singer!

Noon ET on THINK Like a BLACK BELT: The Show, and on demand at your convenience!

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At the Black Belt Mindset Institute, we are blessed to have some of the best instructors in Martial Arts.  Here’s an inside look at some of the things they work on in their Leadership Team training.  You may find these tips useful in your business or personal life as well!

Here’s what our instructors think about before they take the floor each day:

  1.  Am I motivated to do the best I can for my students?
  2. Am I aware of any health or behavioral issues my students may be facing?  Can I confidently address those issues in an emergency situation?
  3. Do I know where to find the first aid kit?  Is ice available?  Is water available?  Do I have immediate access to a phone?

Setting the Tone:

We always think of our students first. We want to challenge our more Advanced students without intimidating our Beginners.

  1. We choose drills appropriate to the group skill level.
  2.  We keep an eye on people and tailor the intensity level to insure success for all!  We offer modifications when necessary.
  3.  We provide a safe environment.
  4.  We always provide plenty of water breaks!

Our Tips For Success:

  1. We learn by watching as well as doing.
  2. We know our material and how to present it – We never teach something we don’t know.
  3. We have a lesson plan prepared, and we’re always ready to change it!
  4. If a drill is not going well we move on to something else.  We like to keep the class flow going.
  5. We know our “room”.  We’re aware of the class tone and energy each time we step on the floor.
  6. We consider each student as an individual.
  7. We ask questions;  we let our student find the answers.
  8. We teach, re-teach & review.
  9. We walk the walk;  We keep our own skills and material fresh and current.

Any teacher should remember — students take their cues from us. It’s our responsibility to create an environment that is safe, positive and enjoyable!

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Too often these days our observation of commemorative holidays simply means an extra day tacked on to a weekend or a day off from school.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of history’s great leaders and an example for those who strive to live a life of personal excellence.

Here’s why Dr. King is a powerful influence in my life from Think Like a Black Belt: The Blog. Click here!

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Just for fun…may not be suitable for very young eyes! This is why we spend so much time on our Leadership Team training!

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Eola Saucier is in fourth grade. She’s also a Junior Brown Belt at Northern Chi and a member of our Junior Leadership Team.

While many adults in our society choose complacency and silence over action, Eola demonstrated recently that leadership has a young voice! Upset over changes at her school, she wrote an op-ed for our local paper expressing her opinion.

Read Eola’s post here…

It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with Eola. What matters is that she saw something that bothered her and instead of choosing to be a bystander, she chose to be a leader.

Great job Eola!

From Master Jim

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