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Agree or disagree?

  • Violence IS sometimes a solution.
  • Zero-Tolerance DOES NOT work.
  • YOU may be a bully- even if you don’t do anything.
  • If you’re a target, it may be YOUR fault.
It’s time to take a realistic approach to the bullying issue, and we’re all involved whether we like it or not. Bullying is expanding mostly because you don’t think about it until:

  • Your business is facing a harassment suit.
  • Your child is afraid to get on the bus.
  • Your kid is expelled from school.
  • You lose someone close to you who just couldn’t take it anymore.
Most of these situations could be prevented!

That’s what Think Like a Black Belt to Beat the Bully is all about. You’re a parent, teacher or coach; you own a business, or you’re a manager or executive…you may simply be someone who cares. This session is for you.
Take a realistic look at the bullying issue and find out what you can do to stop a bully at school, at work or online…

May 10th-6 pm
Curtis Memorial Library
Brunswick, Maine 
Proceeds benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Curtis Memorial Library

Featured Speaker…

Martial arts transformed Jim’s self-perception from former drug abuser and failure to successful entrepreneur and Black Belt. As a speaker and author of Amazon bestseller Think Like a Black Belt, Jim tours nationally presenting his philosophy of Black Belt Mindset for corporate and conference audiences. He’s a regular guest on TV and radio programs including FOX News, BBC Worldview and FOX Across America.

Jim has been helping people Beat the Bully for over twenty years working with both targets of bullies and with the bullies themselves! His “RESPECT: Live It!”workshop is available to businesses, conferences, colleges and universities to promote a respectful and productive workplace or campus.

PLUS! Special opening session:
“Are You Raising a Bully?” with Tina Rae Kelly!

Tina Rae Kelly is one of America’s most uniquely qualified coaches on parenting and family issues! As a teacher Tina has helped hundreds of children and parents to bring out the best in dance performance and life skills!

She’s done everything from dancing with Patti LaBelle, Savion Glover and Gregory Hines to choreographing the Baltimore Ravens dance squad. Through dance she teaches young people about personal excellence and reaching their highest potential as people as well as performers.

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Why your kids should be enrolled in martial arts BEFORE school starts!

Two words:

  • Discipline
  • Focus

These are the most important keys to your child’s success and happiness in school. The success part might be obvious; of course discipline and focus will lead to better performance, more effective learning and good grades, but how do these traits help improve a student’s happiness?

Students who perform better are generally happier and more satisfied. Discipline and focus don’t just stop at the report card; these characteristics become part of a young person’s life that will return dividends at home and later in a career for the rest of his or her life.

There is still about a 30% drop-out rate in American high schools and only 55% of students entering a four-year college program will graduate within 6 years. While societal conditions are often cited as reasons for drop-outs, the solution at its core is to instill the basic characteristics and values that lead to success in school. The characteristics of discipline and focus would go a long way toward addressing the top 3 reasons for college drop-outs cited by the blog “GoCollege” including homesickness, educational burnout and lack of academic preparedness.

Martial arts are the perfect training ground for discipline and focus. Students are held accountable for individual performance, rewarded for achievement and encouraged to become independent learners. At Northern Chi, our kids have access to our Leadership Team” program that gives any willing student the opportunity to develop leadership and responsibility skills as they become Junior Instructors.

Why enroll now?

It’s always more effective to be prepared rather than responding to a problem. Enroll your child in Northern Chi’s summer program and he or she will be prepared for the challenges of the coming school year. This is especially important for kids in transition from elementary to middle, and middle to high school.

In addition to the characteristics that boost academic performance, we emphasize social skills, respect and personal responsibility that help young people become happier and better adjusted members of their school community. We focus on the challenges faced by young people especially self-esteem, dealing with peer pressure and bullying.

During the summer there is less competitive pressure from other activities and martial arts at Northern Chi provide a nice opportunity to meet new friends and learn valuable life skills in a nurturing, supportive environment.

There are 12 short years in which to prepare a young person to face the realities of independent life. It takes some time to develop the discipline, focus and enjoyment of self-improvement that provide the foundation for a successful and happy adult life. Why wait another day?

Special Summer Program for readers of the Northern Chi Blog!

Enroll your child (or yourself!) now and enjoy the rest of the summer at Northern Chi for just $125 including your uniform! Additional family members just $75 each!

Print the coupon below and bring it to Northern Chi or call 207-721-0299 to reserve your space.

PLUS: Enroll this week and receive a FREE signed copy of the Amazon bestseller Think Like a Black Belt by Jim Bouchard: internationally recognized speaker and media personality- and Northern Chi founder! Master Jim is the Master Instructor in Residence at Northern Chi Martial Arts Center in Brunswick, Maine.

Can’t start this week? Purchase your program at the discounted rate now and we’ll save your space for your start date anytime before August 31st!

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By Master Jim Bouchard

Next week we launch National Think Like a Black Belt Week to celebrate the official release of my new book, Think Like a Black Belt and my 25th anniversary in martial arts. This has been a tremendous journey; sometimes challenging, sometimes difficult, always interesting and most often full of joy, friendship and adventure.

When I’m speaking or doing interviews I’m often asked what it means, exactly to Think Like a Black Belt. If you’re a student at Northern Chi, the answer to that question is in your mirror. What I’m sharing through my presentations and books is what I’ve learned from my students, my teachers and from my experiences and challenges as a martial artist.

The foundational principle in Black Belt Mindset is discipline. Without discipline, nothing else is possible. You’ve got to develop the habit of doing what it takes to achieve your goals and objectives. Confidence, courage, perseverance and excellence are all part of thinking like a black belt. These characteristics are essential for personal growth. No program of self-improvement can be effective without them.

Finally, Black Belt Mindset is a leadership mindset. Northern Chi was founded as a teaching system. This means it’s our obligation to share our Black Belt Mindset by helping others achieve their goals in martial arts- and in professional and personal life as well. The philosophy contained in Think Like a Black Belt is the story of my own experiences and my observations of so many wonderful Northern Chi instructors and others who exemplify Black Belt Mindset and are willing to share that mindset unconditionally.

Throughout the week I’ll be doing media appearances and on June 24th we’ll celebrate with our “Roast and Release” party at the Frontier Cinema and Cafe in Brunswick, Maine. I sincerely hope you can join us for this special event!

Follow this link for complete details on National Think Like a Black Belt Week events.

NOTE: You will see an offer for over $1,000 in personal growth resources from leading experts for ordering Think Like a Black Belt from Amazon on June 24th. Anyone attending the Roast & Release celebration can purchase a signed copy at the event and will also receive those bonus gifts!

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Think Like a Black Belt The BookSPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Advance ordering for Master Jim’s new book Think Like a Black Belt is now available! Watch for our book release party in May!

Join the virtual book club to learn and talk about Black Belt Mindset and win valuable prizes on Jim’s Think Like a Black Belt: The Blog!

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