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The next time your kids don’t want to practice…show them this story!

Personally, I would have made her a Black Belt…she already has more courage than most!


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Amazing story from FOX News. Black Belts – these takedowns should look familiar after last night’s workout!

Click here for video…

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Kick off International THINK Like a BLACK BELT Month in style with NFL Hall of Fame ref Jim Tunney and champion’s mindset expert Dr. Jack Singer!

Noon ET on THINK Like a BLACK BELT: The Show, and on demand at your convenience!

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At the Black Belt Mindset Institute, we are blessed to have some of the best instructors in Martial Arts.  Here’s an inside look at some of the things they work on in their Leadership Team training.  You may find these tips useful in your business or personal life as well!

Here’s what our instructors think about before they take the floor each day:

  1.  Am I motivated to do the best I can for my students?
  2. Am I aware of any health or behavioral issues my students may be facing?  Can I confidently address those issues in an emergency situation?
  3. Do I know where to find the first aid kit?  Is ice available?  Is water available?  Do I have immediate access to a phone?

Setting the Tone:

We always think of our students first. We want to challenge our more Advanced students without intimidating our Beginners.

  1. We choose drills appropriate to the group skill level.
  2.  We keep an eye on people and tailor the intensity level to insure success for all!  We offer modifications when necessary.
  3.  We provide a safe environment.
  4.  We always provide plenty of water breaks!

Our Tips For Success:

  1. We learn by watching as well as doing.
  2. We know our material and how to present it – We never teach something we don’t know.
  3. We have a lesson plan prepared, and we’re always ready to change it!
  4. If a drill is not going well we move on to something else.  We like to keep the class flow going.
  5. We know our “room”.  We’re aware of the class tone and energy each time we step on the floor.
  6. We consider each student as an individual.
  7. We ask questions;  we let our student find the answers.
  8. We teach, re-teach & review.
  9. We walk the walk;  We keep our own skills and material fresh and current.

Any teacher should remember — students take their cues from us. It’s our responsibility to create an environment that is safe, positive and enjoyable!

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Here’s a great story sent to us from one of our instructors, Kal Betts. This is about a 77 year old woman crossing guard in the UK who just earned her black belt!

Click here for the full story!

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By Master Jim Bouchard

You’re getting ready to organize the afternoon shuttle; one kid is going to karate class, one is headed for soccer practice and you’re picking up another friend for a sleep over. You call out to the pool, “Come on guys! We’ve got to get going!”

The enthusiastic response: “It’s too hot! I don’t want to go today!”

Here are some tips for getting the kids willingly to the car for karate and other afternoon missions:

  1. Put a chore between pool time and class time. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to leave a nice, cool pool to sweat it out in the dojo or on a new turf soccer field either!Give a simple chore a while before departure time, then you call out, “Do you want to go to karate or keep cleaning the garbage cans?”
  2. Bribery! Yes, I do believe in well placed bribes when it comes to getting kids to class! On a hot day the promise of an ice cream stop after class can work miracles. Make sure the treat is tied to the kids being ready to go on time with no fuss.
  3. Straight-up encouragement and reminder of commitment. I do this constantly during the summer months- I give a tough class and then praise them for their efforts. I tell them that while some of their friends are lazing around the pool eating Popsicles, they were in here making themselves better, healthier and stronger.They may have dragged in hot and tired, but they leave beaming knowing that they’re doing something special and that they genuinely earned that praise!

Finally, and I’m very blunt about this- sometimes it’s just a matter of reminding kids who is actually in charge. I’ve talked with too many parents who say that they just don’t want to do battle about getting to class on a hot day. It may seem expedient to cave in when faced with this challenge, but one missed class leads to two. Today it’s a battle over going to karate or baseball practice, tomorrow it’s about school- in a few years it may be about getting a job and paying rent!

The benefits of discipline, focus and self-motivation will serve your child for the rest of his or her life. It’s important to be consistent about teaching these values- even when it’s hot!

We’re taking some of the heat off this summer!

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Larry Winget- Television personality and 5 time New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Your Kids Are Your Own Fault and The Idiot Factor

Larry Winget talks with Jim about his new book, “Your Kids Are Your Own Fault” on Black Belt Mindset PowerPOD! Listen here!

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We talk a lot about perseverance at Northern Chi. In fact, the next edition of our new spring t-shirts bears the slogan: “Knocked down 7 times? Get up 8!”

Most of the time we want to hold the course and stick to it until we reach our goals. Is it ever OK to quit? Is quitting ever the right choice?

Here’s a post on the subject from my Think Like a Black Belt blog!

NOTE: Master Jim’s new book, Think Like a Black Belt is almost ready for release! Jim’s book is earning praise from top experts around the world. Here’s a short video featuring testimonial from some of America’s leading personal development experts and media stars!

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